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More Than Just Essential Oils

At Essential Extraction Corp we deliver quality, safe, and efficient products and solutions that go beyond well made botanical based products. We developed our own personal CO2 extraction system for extracting the purest oils and we distribute a commercial version called the Little Buddy Extractor as well as extraction and processing know how. Furthermore, we support our products and customers with only the best vaporizer cartridges which are manufactured in a GMP certified clean room facility and undergo final quality inspection in Loveland, CO before distribution. Lastly, we are taking our cost savings with our industry connections for lab equipment and supplies and passing them along to our loyal customers. Learn more about each of our brands by clicking on the image below:

Essential Extraction Corp

High quality botanical, food and beverage, and CBD products made with fresh unadulterated ingredients extracted by our proprietary Little Buddy CO2 Extractor.

Personal CO2 Extraction

Patent-pending table top CO2 extraction machine. Extract oils from nearly any food, botanical, plant material. All natural ingredients extracted by you.

Vaporizer Hardware

The patented co-fired ceramic core is at the heart of all our vaporizer platforms enabling higher quality materials and a better overall experience for the user.

Lab Equipment and Supplies

Let our industry experts find the right equipment fit for your processing needs. Our staff has built out several approved facilities with the necessary equipment and plan for scalability in place. Three of these facility are profitable today.


We supply the necessary tools and knowledge for anyone to be able to extract their own botanical essential oils and use for personal health benefits. 

We are also dedicated to servicing botanical material processors with unrivaled innovative engineering and quality manufactured products.

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